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Procreate, a powerful, fun, and award-winning painting app designed for iPad, allows you to use your fingers to paint and draw in extraordinary detail. Whether you’re painting in the dark of night or in bright daylight, you’ll see every nuance of your painting come to life on the iPad screen. However, Procreate free download isn’t available.


App includes a huge range of natural and synthetic brushes that react to your touch. Plus, it has a variety of unique features, such as pressure-sensitive stylus support, allowing you to draw with a real pencil, paintbrush, or even an airbrush. You can create amazing art on your iPad or even animate it. If you wanted to install Procreate Windows, you’d have to search for some alternatives.

When you’re ready to share your work, the app includes super-detailed Retina-display export. Share your work with friends and family, or upload to the Cloud for access anywhere. But mind that there is no Procreate laptop version on the market.


Some important features of the app are as follows:

  • The users can import images from their gallery.
  • Realistic natural media tools including pencils, charcoal, watercolor, and felt-tip markers.
  • Advanced oil paint system with layers, blending and drying.
  • Wide range of editing tools including rulers and guides.
  • Mix and match tools to create custom painterly brushes.
  • AirDrop support importing images from other apps.
  • Free Procreate with iCloud syncing.
  • Precise Retina-display drawing.
  • Ultra-fast core technologies.
  • Unlimited access to the app community for sharing and showcasing your art.

But all of these features are paid, as there is no Procreate free version. Once you purchase the app, you have access to all these functions.


Paintbrushes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with its own unique effect. Mix and match to find the right brush for your project. Every brush in the app has a unique color palette and mixing mode, so colors blend together naturally to create an incredible range of effects. Drawing feels like the real thing. However, some people hope that Procreate pc version will come out soon, but it’s only wishes.


Why is Procreate only for iPad?

It's not! The application is available on iPhone and iPad. However, there is no Procreate mac version.

If I complete Procreate download, can I use it on both my iPad and my iPhone?

Yes, absolutely. It is available on both iPhone and iPad, and they share the same iCloud account. Your brushes, recent projects, and the majority of your settings will sync between the two, and you can even work on a project on one device and open it on the other.

Does the app need WiFi?

Nope! It can be used without an Internet connection. All of your brushes, swatches, presets, and files all live safely on your device.

Is Procreate the best drawing app?

With Apple Pencil support and pressure sensitivity, it has one of the most natural interfaces. But it’s not the only app you should consider.

Is there a Procreate Android version?

There is not currently an Android version. There is also no Procreate app for Windows available.


Procreate app download is the best photo editing app at this moment. It has so many features that you can get from other apps in one place. It's a must-have app for everyone who loves to edit photos. It's also a great app for artists as it has so many brushes, tools, and effects. Even when there is no Procreate computer version, this app is a real treat for people who want to make high-quality drawings and paintings.

That said, this app is the most powerful app in this category, and if you're an artist who is used to drawing using layers and masks, then you'll definitely appreciate the sheer number of tools that are available.

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